Of course, we only sell keycaps made ​​by K3kc Shop .

We make shipments to all countries over the world and the cost of shipping varies depending on the quantity and location of the shipment.

After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Your order will be processed within 2-6 working days. *Not included Saturdays, Sunday and holidays. We ship only on weekdays* All our packages will be sent through the Airmail under regular postage. Once the package is sent out, we will send you your package tracking number for easy tracking

You can try to find in folder spam mail. if not found, please email to : k3keycap@gmail.com

About 2-4 weeks or less after received shipped notification

Shipping Method  Quantity Cost to ship
International Shipping/
First Class Small Flat Rate Box with Tracking No.
1-6 Keycap/Set $12
7-10 Keycaps/Set $16
11-14 Keycaps/Set $20
15-19 Keycaps/Set $24
20-13 Keycaps/Set $28
24-27 Keycaps/Set $32
EMS /Priority Pakage Express International with Tracking No.
(received after 4 – 7 days)
1 Keycap/Set $50
2 Keycaps/Sets $51
3 Keycaps/Sets $52

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