[Groupbuy] Son Doong Keycap

This Keycap is inspired by the natural landscape of Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest cave ever discovered. Made entirely by hand, with 100% high resin material. Please view detail pictures and videos of Son Doong keycap on Product page

– Suitable for Cherry MX switches & Topre Switches
– Material: 100% Resin
– Backlit

– We have been trying hard to get the lowest price, but still guarantee the best quality. So we need at least 40 keycaps (total cherry MX and topre) to run this GB

Price for GB:
– Order quantity under 100: $55/keycap
– Order quantity over 100: $45/keycap

– GB opens till Aug 04, 2018 or reach MOQ
– Production about 8 weeks, after we will ship them out within 1 to 2 weeks, expected to ship in Oct 2018

Note important:
– Allow unlimited keycaps purchases in GB’s time
– when you join please pay now.
– If order quantity is over 100 keycaps, we will refund excess money to you.
– If order quantity doesn’t reach MOQ, we will full refund money to you & GB will be canceled


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